Epidemiological safety measures in gambling halls

Publicēts: 02.03.2022

Epidemiological safety measures

In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.662 of 28.09.2021 “Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection”, the following epidemiological safety measures shall be ensured in gambling halls from 1 March 2022: 

  • Services are provided only in an epidemiologically safe environment - only fully vaccinated or recovered persons may be on the premises
  • Vaccination or recovery certificates are verified and persons who are not in an epidemiologically safe environment are not allowed to be on the premises.
  • If more than one person is in the room, a face mask is used.
  • Comply with general epidemiological safety requirements and safety protocols or recommendations (including the basic principles of information, contact reduction and distancing, use of face masks, room ventilation and hygiene, as well as isolation and home quarantine regulations) and prevent the risk of infection to others.
  • Information is provided in a visible place at entrances or, if this is not possible, by other means accessible to visitors and staff in Latvian and at least one foreign language (English or Russian) or by pictograms on the epidemiological safety measures established for the particular place of service provision, including:
    • a warning that persons under home quarantine or isolation or showing signs of a respiratory infectious disease may not enter the premises;
    • a warning about the obligation to use face masks, and instructions on the correct use of face masks;
    • a recommendation on the safety distance (2 m) and other social distancing provisions (organization and control of the flow of people), if any;
    • a certificate of epidemiological safety of the service, indicating that the service is provided in an epidemiologically safe environment.
  • A designated person responsible for ensuring compliance with the epidemiological safety requirements. The responsible person shall ensure that epidemiological safety measures are in place and monitored at the place of the provision of the service and, at the request of an official of the supervisory and control authority, shall provide the latter with the necessary information on the implementation of the epidemiological safety measures.
  • The person responsible for compliance with the epidemiological safety requirements shall ensure that providers and recipients, staff and other persons present at the place of the provision of the service have accessible and comprehensible information on the implementation and enforcement of the epidemiological safety requirements. That information shall also be published on the service provider's website.