About Fenikss

It was in the year of 2000 when brand Fenikss first came to the market of gaming and entertainment. At the moment, in Latvia the brand is represented by LLC “Alfor” and LLC “Admirāļu klubs”, but since March 2013 the brand has been well-known also in Estonia where it is represented by OÜ Novoloto. Currently, brand Fenikss can be seen on the front windows of 127 gaming halls in Latvia and 14 gaming halls in Estonia, and there of course is also online casino

In the gaming halls, Fenikss offers more than 300 different games but in the online casino one can enjoy 60 games, offering winnings up to EUR 50,000 in gaming halls and up to EUR 18,000 in the online casino.

Fenikss gaming halls can be found in 30 cities across Latvia where clients have around-the-clock access to the most popular games as well as a cosy bar.

There are more than 1,000 employees taking care that clients can experience up-to-date entertainment of the highest quality along with safety while staying with us.

“It is our duty to give the people modern entertainment possibilities because all of us have enough daily problems and troubles; therefore, each of us should have an outlet for relaxing on our spare time and forgetting about hurry and duties.

Regardless of what is sometimes said about the gaming business, I see it as a chance to relax and have fun, just like going to movies, riding a water bike or going to fiery salsa classes at the end of an exhausting day. Each of us has a choice which of these options to choose.”

Jānis Zuzāns, Chairperson of LLC “Alfor”